Setup of your SIDRA OrgAdmin portal

Modified on: 2022-09-20 12:24:32 +1000

Our Sales office will setup your SIDRA OrgAdmin portal

  • after a first-time purchase of a new FLOATING Licence, or
  • when we introduce the system at time of a major new software release eg for existing eligible customers.

This process will involve the following steps:

  • Our Sales office will setup the SIDRA OrgAdmin portal using the Licence Contact for your organisation. This is the same contact used in the STORE Account.
  • We will send a system email inviting the Licence Contact to join the SIDRA OrgAdmin portal. This user will be setup as the organisation’s administrator of the system.
  • After successful sign in, the Licence Contact can allocate other administrators or start inviting users to the account.


Setup of the SIDRA OrgAdmin portal will only need be done once. Only one portal is allocated to an organisation.

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