Getting started with your FLOATING Licence

Modified on: 2022-09-28 16:39:37 +1000

Our new FLOATING Licence is a cloud-based software licence that allows a set number of seats to be shared by a number of simultaneous End Users within an organisation to access the software on a first come, first served basis.

The FLOATING Licence can be used at any of your offices, anywhere in the world, without the need to manage licence keys, licence files or licence servers.

Learn more

For the Administrator

Setup of your SIDRA OrgAdmin portal
How to sign in to SIDRA OrgAdmin
How to manage End Users
To check usage of a FLOATING Licence
Block or Release an End User
Reserve or Release a Licence Seat
Use of Proxy Server

For the End User

Downloading our software
Installation instructions for SIDRA INTERSECTION
Invitation to set up your SIDRA FLOATING Licence Account
FAQs about the new FLOATING Licence
How to acquire a FLOATING Licence seat using SIDRA INTERSECTION
How to sign in to your SIDRA User Profile
How to edit your SIDRA User Profile
Multi-instances of our software

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