How to activate a 1PC Licence online

Modified on: 2020-05-14 12:28:33 +1000

You need to activate each 1PC licence per computer.
For licence activation, you will need your Licence ID and Password (your Licence ID starts with the number 6).

Activation Failure: At the end of the activation process described below, you may get the message "Activation Failed" with a message related to the problem. A Web Service Error Number may also be given indicating a problem. Please refer to the 1PC LICENCE ACTIVATION FAILURE section below about possible causes of failure.


  1. Run the software.
  2. Click the Licensing Tab in the ribbon.
  3. For SIDRA INTERSECTION 9, select the 1PC option (radio button), click Activate button in the 1PC Licence group.
    For SIDRA INTERSECTION 8 or earlier version, select the Fixed option (radio button). This refers to the 1PC licence type (as opposed to FLOATING licence). Click Activate Licence in the Fixed Licensing group.
  4. In the Activate Licence dialog, select Online Activation.
  5. Enter the Licence ID, Password and Installation Name. Installation Name is optional. An example for Installation Name could be your Computer Name.
  6. If you need to enable Proxy Server for the internet connection, you can specify it in the Online Activation group.
  7. Click Activate button.

Wait for the processing to be completed and a message given.

  • If you get the message "Licence <ID> is activated successfully", click OK to start using the software in a licensed state. In this state, an unlock icon will appear at the bottom right corner of the user interface, and
  • your Customer ID, Company Name and Licence Type will appear on the status bar (bottom right), and will be displayed in software output reports, and
  • your Company Name, Customer ID, Licence ID and Licence Type will appear in the Software Info or About dialog under the File button.

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