How to Apply for an Educational Licence

Modified on: 2019-02-25 10:38:50 +1100

EDUCATIONAL Licences are available to recognised EDUCATIONAL institutions only. They can only be used for research purposes and cannot be used for commercial use or financial gain.

Please follow these steps to order an Educational product:

  1. Please complete and submit this EDUCATIONAL ORDER FORM. Please provide your details and choose the products you wish to purchase. If you are an existing customer, please include your CustomerID (Run SIDRA and select Help/About, log into YOUR ACCOUNT or refer to a previous invoice to view your Customer ID).
  2. Please send a letter of intent to - from the Educational Institution, on the Institution's letter head, confirming that the Licence will be used for Research and Educational purposes only.
  3. We will then send you a Tax Invoice which includes a quote (valid for 30 days).
  4. You will need to complete the Tax Invoice/Quote and provide payment details. You may choose to make payment by providing us with your credit card details (Visa, Mastercard or Amex), send a cheque or make a direct deposit.
  5. After payment is made you need to visit our REMITTANCE ADVICE FORM and submit details of your payment.
  6. Once payment has been received and is successful, you will be sent an automated Tax Invoice/Receipt with purchase details (and important software download/activation information, if this is what you purchased).

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